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Blossoming Almond Trees Science Days – The First Day

szerzõ: Mariann Tóth | 2010. March 03. 12:36:00

The Blossoming Almond Trees Science Days started at the University of Pécs. At the time when almond trees start to blossom, the University organizes an international interdisciplinary, topic- and research-specific series of mini-conferences with 3 main topics with well-known sceintists, researchers.

Dr. Róbert Gábriel rector opening the Blossoming Almond Trees Science Days 

The Blossoming Almond Trees Science Days is organized for the fourth time. The aim of this conference is to share the knowledge at the University with everyone. All sections of the conference is open for anyone, however participants need to register for the conference. Tha audience will have the chance to take part in the lectures of Prof. Dr. Gianni Loddo, Adrija Rusan, Dr. Alberto Beuchot, Prof. Walter Lorenz, Prof. Dr. László Ervin and Prof Dr. Günter Pauli.

Róbert Gábriel rector opened the conference, and he said that the ECoC programme year is a wonderful opportunity to share the knowledge accumulated at the university. Béla Horváth, vice-rector for communication emphasized that there are many wonderful conferences in 2010 at the University of Pécs, most of them still ahead of us. At the opening ceremony the section chairs also greeted the audience.

Zsolt Visy; photo: Péter Aknai

On the first day of the conference, the main topic has been The Cultural Heritage of Pécs – Intellectual Heritage. Dr. Tamás Aknai, professor of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts (University of Pécs) section chair has given a wonderful opening lecture about the rich cultural heritage of Pécs reaching back into ancient times.

The participants of this section reviewed the cultural heritage of the history of Pécs form ancient times to the Turkish rule by selecting from the results of research on archaeology, literary history and art history. The presentations focused on the presence of the antique heritage of Pécs in the life of the city, on Pécs in the Roman age, on Renaissance relations in books and on Janus Pannonius' Rene-panegyric and the Studiolo of János Vitéz and Janus Pannonius. All in all the invited experts drew attention to the fine aspects of the system of relationships between Euroepan culture and local culture.

Students of the University of Pécs

The 3 sections:

  • The Cultural Heritage of Pécs - Intellectual Heritage (chair: Dr. Tamás Aknai): 3 March
  • The Cultural Heritage of Pécs - Built Heritage (chair: Zoltán Bachman): 4-5 March
  • The Europe of Sustainability (chairs: Dr. Tamás Kiss and Dr. Andreas Hejj): 4-5 March

The University of Pécs is an influential knowledge base of the Trans-Danubian region. The wide range of training programmes offered at the ten faculties of the University cover nearly every possible area of study. 1,800 researchers, teachers, 270 PhD students are working on different research projects. 8 faculties of the University of Pécs are engaged in running altogether 20 doctoral schools.

The mission of the University of Pécs is to help develop innovation-oriented and knowledge-based economy, create the environment that is necessary for the optimal flow of knowledge between local knowledge bases and innovative entrepreneurs, and promote innovative activities. The University emphasizes the importance of the dissemination of ideas and the utilization of new research findings at the University and the academic institutes.

In order to achieve the above mentioned aims the University of Pécs organizes the Blossoming Almond Trees Science Days, an international interdisciplinary, topic- and research-specific series of mini-conferences.

Programme at the Website of the Conference

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