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Naming ceremony of the research centre of the University (with VIDEO!)

szerzõ: UP | 2012. October 31. 12:26:00

According to the decision of the Senate of the University of Pécs, the new, high standard scientific research centre has named after the former professor of the University, the world renowned brain researcher János Szentágothai.

The jaw of a standing or sitting person, when he falls asleep and the tone discontinues, drops down. Everybody has already seen somebody who takes a seat in the corner of the compartment, goes to sleep (makes snoring noises), then his or her jaw drops off like by a corpse. - He was János Szentágothai, the world renowned brain researcher, who was imprinted the many of minds beside his outstanding professionalism with his vocation, honesty and fascinating educational attitude during his work.

The former anatomist professor of the Medical School of Pécs would have been 100 years old on 31th October in this year.

On the occasion of the anniversary series of events were organized at the University of Pécs. In the park of the Medical School within ceremonial framework the full-length monument of János Szentágothai was inaugurated, sculpted by the artist György Fábos of bronze for this occasion. The programs in the morning continued at the research centre of the University of Pécs was named after János Szentágothai from this day officially.

Statue of János Szentágothai / photo: Szabolcs Csortos

The choice fell on him because the scientist had laid the foundation his results in connection with cerebral function that brought him world fame here.

Dr. Bódis József rector: On the one side the region and the university get an infrastructure in accordance with the beginning of the 21th century. For that infrastructure we can make work usefully, the heritage is needed that was the characteristic of János Szentágothai who was a genius scientist, one of the explorer scientific men.

This intellectuality means commitment and also possibility for the researchers and students to take the opportunity of the new challenges provided by the centre to help the current research work here.

Dr. József Pálinkás chairman of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: The building means possibility, but it is of the utmost importance that today in 2012 the university is able to establish such laboratory circumstances, such work conditions that could be drawing for the young. From this point of view this investment has a great importance.

On the festive occasion the members of the Szentágothai family were particularly greeted who remember proudly the many-sided scholar who was interested in every beauty of the life.

Dr. József Bódis  rector / photo: Szabolcs Csortos

Dr. Miklós Réthelyi chairman of the UNESCO International Council: He was a fantastic teacher whose lectures were visited from regional universities, also from Budapest people came here to Pécs, than when the tables are turned the same happened. He valuated arts and various branches of arts high and pursued arts in high level. Students can remember when he recitated Goethe while he was teaching the skull, than he translated it into Hungarian.

Klára Szentágothai, daughter of János Szentágothai: He was terrific; he would have liked to show all the beauty and good to his children and expected that we stand by the truth. As a little child after the war we stayed at the Anatomy Institute, so we saw that he carried on research work like he would have played with pleasure. That is to say, it was a wonderful life then.

On the naming ceremony three former students took memorial lectures on János Szentágothai, bringing up the work of the teacher and researcher of the school building scholar.

Programme of the naming ceremony

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